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Deborah Fung, MA, RCC | Langley and Fraser Valley

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Counselling for students, young adults, and adults in Langley and Fraser Valley areas. Life Transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders, and Conflicts with Peers and Family

supporting individuals & Couples in langley

I’m a firm believe that “it takes a whole village to raise a child” and equally true that a whole network of support is essential throughout adolescent and adult development too. Whether you are struggling alone or already have a few resources in place, working with a qualified counsellor strengthens you with valuable support and resources and helps you overcome difficult periods of a life stage and/or difficult life changes.

Deborah Fung Counsellor in Langley and Fraser Valley

Hello, I’m Deborah Fung based in Langley, British Columbia. As an experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor and fellow human being, I know that seeking help, pursuing change (in ourselves or someone else), and confronting challenges in our lives can be a nerve wracking and terrifying endeavour. I know that it takes a lot of courage to research all the options and decide to reach out. I urge you to push forward. I urge you to persist in making change.

Wherever you are in your process, I join you with compassion, non-judgement, graduate-level training and clinically practiced experience so that you feel safe and supported as you work towards the changes you desire.

I provide short term and long term counselling for high school, prospective and current post-secondary students, adults, and couples in English and (some) Cantonese. You can conveniently reach me from the surrounding areas of Langley, Surrey, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, and Abbotsford. Telephone and video counselling are available.

If you’re ready to reach out, schedule a free phone consultation or book an appointment! I look forward to talking with you.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”
— Anthony Robbins

customized help for your specific needs

Counselling can help you overcome a range of mental health struggles and personal hardships. To help you make noticeable and meaningful changes through our counselling process, we will dive deep into your concerns within the context of your life and your individuality. I will integrate techniques and strategies from a number of evidence-based theoretical approaches so that the therapeutic process of attaining change is most supportive and custom fit to you.

On the surface, some of the struggles and stories of the individuals I have worked with may sound familiar to you:

You may want to overcome debilitating stress, anxiety, and external pressures; you may feel paralyzed by multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress and trauma. You and your partner may be fighting to strengthen your relationship—or fighting continuously and unable to resolve certain conflicts. You may be aching for a sense of belonging, to achieve greater self-esteem, or to feel more calm, present and engaged in daily living. You may be searching for a clearer sense of direction in your life.

Nonetheless, our work together will honour the uniqueness that separates your story from someone else’s—the uniqueness within your struggle, your hardships and your pain—so that ultimately, you overcome the tough stuff in a way that fits just for you.

So tell me, what are you struggling with in this moment? And what is the story you are telling others about you today?


areas of clinical focus

The following are some of the most common issues and concerns of the clients I have worked with:

Life Transitions

Cultural Adjustment

Stress Management & Coping Skills

Education & Career Counselling

Depression & Anxiety

Self Esteem, Body Image & Eating Disorders

Relationship Issues

Peer / Family / Partner Conflicts

Please inquire about issues and concerns not included. This list is intended to provide examples and is not exhaustive.