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complete list of counselling services offered at Deborah Fung Counselling including fees for service when counselling students, young adults, and adults in Surrey and Langley and surrounding areas. Counselling provided for Life Transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders, and Conflicts with Peers and Family

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2o-MIN Phone Consultation *FREE*

Please feel free to inquire for more information, explain your specific issue, or ask me questions about my work before you book an initial intake. I want to help you choose a counsellor you feel comfortable and confident in.  There is no obligation to book an intake session after this consultation. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can call, text, or book online.    

50-MIN Initial Intake Session 

An intake session is the first therapeutic interaction between counsellor and client(s), whether you are an individual, couple, or family seeking counselling.  Key areas we will cover during this session include assessing your current state of wellness, reviewing some intake information, and developing a treatment plan based on a collaborative discussion of your concerns, goals, and expectations.  Additionally, legal and ethical guidelines will be reviewed and clients are encouraged to ask outstanding questions.

50-MIN Individual Counselling Session 

This is a one-on-one counselling session, intended for clients who have already completed the initial intake.  

75-MIN Extended, Couples, or Family Session 

This is an extended counselling session intended for couples and families, or an individual who prefers a longer session.  The counselling time is extended to allow for all attending individuals to speak and be heard.  


As per the standard fee schedule recommended by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, all 50-MIN individual sessions are charged at a rate of $126.00.  All 75-MIN extended sessions as an individual, with a partner, or as a family are charged at a rate of $189.00.   You are welcome to make payment in Cash, Credit, or E-Transfer at the end of our session.  Please inquire about my sliding scale payment options if your financial situation requires.  Your mental health matters and I will try my best to meet your needs.

I am an approved supplier of clinical counselling services with the Crime Victim Assistance Program and ICBC. If you are the survivor of a crime or a vehicle accident and have registered with either of these services, please let me know your claim number so I can process direct billing. Please see my FAQ page for more information on direct billing. Let’s get your recovery process started today!